Learn Earn Legend -Fail

   New Minister Mike Arbib's statement "Aboriginals need to get out of bed" is the typical view,apparently from the vantage point atop a substantial pile of taxpayers dollars. It is the typical racist redneck rant which blames aboriginal people for the "predicament" we are in. It also makes the stereotypical assumption that aboriginals lie in bed all day, along with the attendant derogatory snapshots.

 Senator Mark Arbib would do well to ensure that his and Jenny Macklin's pre-election aboriginal stunt 100 "Best and Brightest" under the banner Learn,Earn,Legend fulfils the promises made to those starry eyed aboriginal students. Several have reported being given the runaround as to why the department could no longer fulfil training assistance promises made in the course of that sojourn. Staff have left -and the usual litany of excuses have been trotted out in response to followup inquiries from the 6 students who have contacted us. We're tweeting this to @SenMarkArbib   and awaiting his response... prior to publishing first hand accounts from some of the Students who attended 

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