Whitefella give us EVERYTHING

I been thinking and it seems I might have been a bit hard on whitefellas...I'm seeing that they really are a giving people.I know just a coupla years ago they gave a blackfella mob Maralinga.Okay,they nuked it and probably contaminated it for a quarter of a million years to come, but they gave it to blackfellas,didn't they? Okay, yeah, it wasn't theirs in the first place, but if it belonged to blackfellas they gave it back,didn't they? 

They're such a giving mob, whitefellas.

 They give us Uluru too.And all these other beautiful national parks.Sure they gave them on the condition that we allow them to be managed by the government, but thats so they can show us how to look after them proper. In all the 40,000 years we been here we never managed to look after the place like whitefellas can and we gotta learn to do it as well as they do.Thats why its best they manage it.And its fair that their people get four times what we do yet we do all the work .. they know so much more than we do,why everyone knows you learn so much more at ewneeversitee in 3  years than listening to all these old fellas who been out here forever...what would they know??

 Then theres the vote, they give us that in 1966 they did.Now,we never had that before!! What?? You're whinging because they had it and we didn't up 'til then?? You're a bloody whinger, mate!! They would have given it to us earlier but they knew we wouldn't know how to use it proper way.Now you think If I gave you a loaded gun with the safety off but didn't teach you how to shoot properly.You might have killed yourself!! And a few of your mates too if you threw it in the fire on a cold night...nah, wouldn'ta killed me,I already know how to shoot. But you get my point; what use is a vote to you if you don't know how to use it...its bloody dangerous.See,them whitefellas know. They knew we should have it- and just to make sure we didn't do anything stupid with it-like voting them out- they brought a whole lotta other whitefellas out here for twenty odd years before they gave us the vote..yeah they were called ten pound poms. And that saved us from what we might have done with that bloody vote.Cos by the time they give it to us,there were so many of them and so few of us that we couldn't do any harm with it..like jeez...we might have gone completely off the rails and voted them out otherwise!! See, after all they done that just would have been SOOOO unfair!!

 And see them whitefella missionaries, they gave us God.And because we have God now, we can forgive. We couldn't of done that without whitefella either. Now, everytime whitefella takes something that I thought was mine, I don't wanna kill him,I just forgive.Hes happy,missionary's happy, so I'm happy.An all these other blackfellas would be a lot happier if they would just learn to smile and forget..

 Then theres education.Everyone knows you need an education proper way to get on in life, heck,you need an education just to do a training course these days!! The important thing about education for me is that now I can learn what it means to be a blackfella proper way - from a whitefella , and they got lotsa whitefellas we don't even see who know more bout "aboriginal" than any of us. And they're clever too.They don't need to meet us or see where and how we live.They can see all the way from their offices in Canberra and know whats best for us.Now you can't do THAT blackfella way.

 And they gave us Aids and Measels and Whooping Cough and just two years after they got here they give us smallpox AND blankets too... so don't tell me whitefella never done nuthin for us!!