No Safe Public Place for Aboriginal Kids

In her sentencing remarks the presiding Judge states that "Children should be able to walk the streets and feel safe.And who would disagree?
For aboriginal children, sadly,walking the streets in Safety has never been an option.For our children the major threat is not sexual deviants but whole-of-government interference in our right to enjoy our land and country.At street level the threat is Police, Childrens Services and the myriad of mandatory reporter NGOs who would have us live as whitey thinks we should, slave our lives away in subservience to and for the enrichment of a white master, pay taxes to fund the destruction of our culture, and give of course to their racist churches. The fewer of these we do, the more likely whitey is to try and insinuate their invadercide into our lives. A little over a year after PM Rudds hollow meaningless apology, State abductions of aboriginal children and in particular babies reached epidemic proportions.We have no reason to believe that the tide of State childstealing and family destruction will abate under the "Give me Power" Ultra Right Wing Gillard Labor Model.  
  In spite of the multiplicity of often Government manufactured "reasons", the bare fact remains that State Abductions occur for the purpose of whitening,de aboriginalising and colonising our children. In the last 2 years we have seen a system implemented in NSW where the widely discredited DOCs (now renamed) takes a back seat leaving day to day case administration to, by and large, the Mandatory Reporters upon whom the department relies for prosecution information. Those NGOs are of course funded on a caseload basis and in no particular rush to lose that funding-at a reported $6000 per child per week.

This built in recipe for corrupt case management puts case managers in the position of controlling the case managed family which is very simply blackmail. Bury it in all the flowery language you care to,and its still blackmail.

Well people, as NGO case managers have accepted the rivers of money to sell themselves to DOCs, they deserve to be treated with the same disdain as we treat DOCs, and all neocolonist operatives. Don't piss on them if they're on fire unless you piss petrol.