NT Intervention Housing Travesty

Image courtesy Treaty Republic -  http://www.TreatyRepublic.net

  For the long disenfranchised Northern Territory aboriginal communities the travesty of the Intervention invasion continues. While Federal Minister Jenny Macklin waxes lyrical about exceeding Canberra's modest housing target of 150 thought needs to be given to how this is being achieved -and at what cost. Of the 174 built, 42 are still empty,despite huge overcrowding issues. Several disturbing reports from the Top End state that aboriginal carpenters,whose trade had a minimum local skill value of $1000 per week just 4 years ago, are today forced to slave on the Howard-Macklin Wageslavery scams which are depriving workers Australia wide of a Fair Wage. The "repairs" carried out on some existing properties are reported to be decidedly substandard with reports from Central Australia of some being upgraded to slum standard.The houses are being built in "hubs" designed to convenience Colonist invaders who wish to insert themselves and their duplicitous ways into these communities unrequested uninvited and unwelcomed. These hubs will force aboriginal communities to overcrowd and environmentally desecrate fragile ecosystems while the communities they are forced to abandon -and which the people know and cherish as their own-will lie fallow. Those forcibly integrated communities will inevitably breed inter aboriginal conflict as disparate groups with disparate dreamings are forced to live in close proximity and inevitably transgress each others dreaming.

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