NT Intervention Housing Travesty

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  For the long disenfranchised Northern Territory aboriginal communities the travesty of the Intervention invasion continues. While Federal Minister Jenny Macklin waxes lyrical about exceeding Canberra's modest housing target of 150 thought needs to be given to how this is being achieved -and at what cost. Of the 174 built, 42 are still empty,despite huge overcrowding issues. Several disturbing reports from the Top End state that aboriginal carpenters,whose trade had a minimum local skill value of $1000 per week just 4 years ago, are today forced to slave on the Howard-Macklin Wageslavery scams which are depriving workers Australia wide of a Fair Wage. The "repairs" carried out on some existing properties are reported to be decidedly substandard with reports from Central Australia of some being upgraded to slum standard.The houses are being built in "hubs" designed to convenience Colonist invaders who wish to insert themselves and their duplicitous ways into these communities unrequested uninvited and unwelcomed. These hubs will force aboriginal communities to overcrowd and environmentally desecrate fragile ecosystems while the communities they are forced to abandon -and which the people know and cherish as their own-will lie fallow. Those forcibly integrated communities will inevitably breed inter aboriginal conflict as disparate groups with disparate dreamings are forced to live in close proximity and inevitably transgress each others dreaming.

Heres the source article for what I hope will be my daily rant

A New Take on blackfellas

  Many will have noticed that I have not been online as much as previously.There are some simple reasons. One is that I came to the realisation that much of what we discussed was driven by Government. I see them as the problem and not part of the solution. Allowing government to insinuate itself unwanted into our communities is akin to entering a discussion on Aids with the disease. I won't be promoting or participating in such dialog in future

I'm Gutted

I should be on my way to work... dropped by to see SydneyH and checked the News.Yesterday I heard that my sister-in-law had been brutalised -offshore - shes safe now..read more about this in @RadioYerevans Tweets & on her blog-later,I think. in Armenia where despite the vagaries of that countrys politics and relationships, my children live...because they are safe ... from the Anglo invaders who spent the last 222 years perpetrating the longest, slowest Genocide mankind has ever recorded...against the longest existing races on the planet .I checked the news...found this...and I'm gutted.

Tuncurry Native Title Sale-of-the-Century

40,000 years of aboriginal autonomous rights in the Tuncurry area of NSW will come to an end in 2040. The Federal Minister for Lands has won a great victory for colonialism by finessing a cheap deal with a few aboriginal locals who have questionable tribal authority to enter into such an agreement. The deal $10million to be paid over 30 years, for 400 hectares of prime coastal land described as "of immense cultural and commercial value" is the bargain of the decade for colonist landgrabbers and a distardly shame foisted on future generations of the Worimi Birpai people, who,by the decision of some current "leaders" and their advisors, are rendered landless,with no future relationship with their ancestral home.  

 The notion of tribal relationship with land and resources is that we are each an inseparable part of each other -each exists to benefit the other. The aboriginal tribe comprises those of the past, those of the present and those of the future. 

 The question raised by this and like deals is that of authority- do any generation have the authority to "make deals" -good or bad - which result in a changed relationship with ancestral resources being imposed on future generations without their consent.  

 The deal brings to the fore the Federal Governments lack of goodwill in dealing fairly and equitably with aboriginal people. It is unconceivable  that $10million paid over 30 years represents fair value for 400 hectares of prime coastal real estate anywhere in NSW by current land values.

Landmark Native Title Agreement announced - ABC News  

Landcom take over cheapskate Native Title deal 

If this was my peoples country I would die opposing this sellout!!

On Yuendumu and Us and You

  Unusual of me not to buy into a controversy so I'll add my ten cents worth to the discussion on Yuendumu the Central Australian community at the intersection of white and black law.The town is predominantly black, with most community members being native to the area. Customary law has been the successful guardian of the people and life forces of the area since the dreamtime. Were it not for the invasion of colonial law and its undermining of local justice, customary law would continue to be as effective as it has for millenia- including in combating new problems such as alcoholism drug and solvent abuse foisted upon black communities by invaders. Remote blackfellas see the effectiveness or otherwise of soft white law which makes no sense to many. Berrima Jail is seen by some as a rewards program which you have to do something bad to enjoy the fruits of. By all accounts Berrima is as spartan and hostile an environment as most western jails- but its a luxury resort when compared to some of the government delivered housing and community options available in remote communities.Since arrival successive Governments and their cronies have unleashed wave after wave of remotely driven policy -based on their Toorak Dinner perceptions of whats good media for them as compared with inclusive discussion of whats in our genuine interests. The public need to be aware that every time government have acted "in the best interests" of aboriginal people or children,a future government has apologised for that past governments actions. Neither we, affected non aboriginal children or our children as yet unborn can use apologies as collateral-nor can we eat them or use them for shelter or warmth.

 If government agencies or others at any level are genuine in their rhetoric of delivering better services to aboriginal communities they need but listen to the people of those communities, at a time and venue of the relevant communities choosing. And deliver the services the people are actually seeking, not their perception of whats good for that community. Current and past service delivery has taken a blanket approach- attempting to use a situation in one community as justification to roll out an expensive and in many cases totally unnecessary and unrequested "services". It has failed our people.It has failed the taxpayers of Australia who are burdened with the expense they could do without. Training for jobs which don't deliver equity (if the jobs actually exist) is training for slavery.We should not be coerced into it and you should not support it.  


Learn Earn Legend -Fail

   New Minister Mike Arbib's statement "Aboriginals need to get out of bed" is the typical view,apparently from the vantage point atop a substantial pile of taxpayers dollars. It is the typical racist redneck rant which blames aboriginal people for the "predicament" we are in. It also makes the stereotypical assumption that aboriginals lie in bed all day, along with the attendant derogatory snapshots.

 Senator Mark Arbib would do well to ensure that his and Jenny Macklin's pre-election aboriginal stunt 100 "Best and Brightest" under the banner Learn,Earn,Legend fulfils the promises made to those starry eyed aboriginal students. Several have reported being given the runaround as to why the department could no longer fulfil training assistance promises made in the course of that sojourn. Staff have left -and the usual litany of excuses have been trotted out in response to followup inquiries from the 6 students who have contacted us. We're tweeting this to @SenMarkArbib   and awaiting his response... prior to publishing first hand accounts from some of the Students who attended 

GenerationOne ::The Invasion Continues

 All the goodwill in the world or cynical colonialism? A whos who of those who have benefited magnificently from the Poverty and Marginalisation Industries have lined up behind new found pin-up boy Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest of Fortescue Metals fame to once again save aborigines - or maybe make a few more millions using the name of aboriginal people. 

 GenerationOne has all the hallmarks of the type of manna organisations like serial preyers Mission Australia and Exodus Foundation - and their State and Federal government collaborators crave. At a time when aboriginal people are awakening to the equity gap -and the unjust government floated notion that in order to obtain equity, we must slave in "jobs" to "earn" what Australia's colonist forebears took for nothing - GenerationOne offer jobs. A quick scan of their website show not empowering jobs, but dead end training "opportunities" and menial wageslavery positions. These, along with the $4 per hour Work for the Dole opportunities currently being forced on aboriginal dole recipients carrying out essential services in the Northern Territory are GenerationOne 's Pathway to aboriginal empowerment.

 GenerationOne people both aboriginal and non-indigenous government and Non-government and their industry supporters need to take a look at themselves. The rest of Australia need to take a closer look at what these people and organisations will get in increased revenues. If the return to the helpers is greater than the benefit to the wider aboriginal community, as I suspect is the case, then aboriginal people are once again being cynically offered up as revenue collection tokens in a game which enriches the advisors while continuing the disenfranchisement of our aboriginal peoples and communities