GenerationOne ::The Invasion Continues

 All the goodwill in the world or cynical colonialism? A whos who of those who have benefited magnificently from the Poverty and Marginalisation Industries have lined up behind new found pin-up boy Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest of Fortescue Metals fame to once again save aborigines - or maybe make a few more millions using the name of aboriginal people. 

 GenerationOne has all the hallmarks of the type of manna organisations like serial preyers Mission Australia and Exodus Foundation - and their State and Federal government collaborators crave. At a time when aboriginal people are awakening to the equity gap -and the unjust government floated notion that in order to obtain equity, we must slave in "jobs" to "earn" what Australia's colonist forebears took for nothing - GenerationOne offer jobs. A quick scan of their website show not empowering jobs, but dead end training "opportunities" and menial wageslavery positions. These, along with the $4 per hour Work for the Dole opportunities currently being forced on aboriginal dole recipients carrying out essential services in the Northern Territory are GenerationOne 's Pathway to aboriginal empowerment.

 GenerationOne people both aboriginal and non-indigenous government and Non-government and their industry supporters need to take a look at themselves. The rest of Australia need to take a closer look at what these people and organisations will get in increased revenues. If the return to the helpers is greater than the benefit to the wider aboriginal community, as I suspect is the case, then aboriginal people are once again being cynically offered up as revenue collection tokens in a game which enriches the advisors while continuing the disenfranchisement of our aboriginal peoples and communities 

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