The Top Ten Colonist Self Justifications Answered

1/ I didn't steal anything. No, but you accept the benefits.Assets stolen from aboriginal people are the equity which powers your people.You live on Stolen land.

2/You have to move forward. So you would like me to accept the laws which were made to benefit you, and work hard to enrich those who are in posession of what was stolen from us? Fuck you!!

3/ Aboriginals must share responsibility for where they are today. Why,and how? We didn't have the guns and bullets used to massacre our people,nor the contaminated blankets.We didn't bring old diseases like smallpox or new diseases like aids.We didn't build cities which cluster way too many people where there are insufficient natural resources.We do not control any economic sector or resource.All have been stolen. Even the land and resources which we have fought for and some say you have given back, are locked in structures ( Such as Land Councils) according to the dictates of todays colonist government.The notion that we must share responsibility is ridiculous.

4/ I was born here. You may have been,but where was your culture born?My culture has been here 40,000 years, by your count.

5/ We all have equal rights. No, people of Anglo descent have laws which are based exclusively on their culture. According to those law makers,we should abide by laws which protect you,not us. There is no legal framework which protects us from you. Anglo numerical superiority is regulated and ensured at immigration level by Anglo dominated Federal Government.The rights whites enjoy are enforced on their behalf by anglo focussed and predominantly anglo-ethnic police,trained according to methods which originate in England.They are part of your community,not ours.Putting aboriginal people in those uniforms simply makes coconuts of the people,to be ridiculed and scorned by their communities as sellout traitors.

6/ Look what Aboriginals did with ATSIC: ATSIC was a government organisation subject to policies governance and mechanisms put in place by colonist government.Those laws and regulations ensured that ATSIC always maintained a dominant role in the entities created-and thereby set them up to fail. ATSIC did not have a process in place to ensure that incoming elected officers of entities were aware of ATSIC required governance issues.Unsurprisingly, those issues were breached with monotonous regularity.Because ATSICs largely non aboriginal bureaucracy and attendant contracted professionals did not put in place appropriate guidance governance and information management resources, ATSIC and many of its subservient aboriginal corporations failed.

7/ Government spends a billion dollars a year on aboriginals: Government allocations in the name of aboriginal people are by and large spent with the non aboriginal community, and on government assimilation projects. Under the Howard regime, funds expended opposing Aboriginal Land Claims were deducted from aboriginal budgets. Non aboriginal "consultants" and professionals conducting "research" required by the government, which most aboriginal community members neither know or care about. In 3 years of the NT intervention, government have managed to expend hundreds of millions in the name of our people.They built 3 houses,the only benefit I have seen.

8/ Aboriginals don't work: Those who do pay taxes,effectively funding their own repression.Much of the work done by aboriginals prior to 1970 remains unpaid,for both private and government employers.This means that cutting through the duplicitous language,aboriginal people were enslaved.Today many aboriginal people staff government directed semi autonomous organisations which bear the Aboriginal name somewhere in their title.In these roles,aboriginal people are typically paid less than their white counterparts who perform the same tasks in non-aboriginal focussed institutions.In health,the Rudd government gave regional doctors $25000 per nurse "or less for an aboriginal health worker."

9/We gave you the right to vote: Yes,having spent many years prior racing to stack the deck via your ten pound pom immigration policy to ensure that the vote was worthless to us.

10 We must all move forward together: Our timeline here in your terms is 40,000 years-longer than you are known to have inhabited where you come from.Your timeline kicks in 222 years ago. We've come this far separately.Why should we go forward with you in control and our peoples as subservient slaves?

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  1. Not 40,000 years longer. 10,000-15,000 years.
    Which means that the aboriginals took it over from a previous group. DNA does not lie.