Equity the Cornerstone of Aboriginal Future

  All discussions of aboriginal future must start with aboriginal equity parity.

Aboriginal Communities have borne the brunt of cynically oppressive government strategies since federation. The current crop of State,Federal and Territory governments and main opposition parties have clearly demonstrated their intent to continue their repressive agenda of assimilation, cultural contamination and resource theft.
Recently in the Northern Territory an aboriginal government minister came to the realisation that conventional politics holds no solutions for aboriginal people.She is right.For as long as we continue to engage with colonists, whose aim is to convince us how right they are(and how wrong we are) we participate in the genocide of ourselves, our people and the places and species over which we have guardianship.
I've spent the last few weeks working closely with Sydney Homeless on some projects of mutual interest.Of course, we both work on the resolution of marginalisation issues. While I will be the first to say that aboriginal and Torres Strait people are not the only marginalised communities in Australia, it world be hard to find marginalisation so endemically entrenched and systemically applied, now over many generations.
  Entire State and Federal government departments (and a bevy of contractors) exist to provide "aboriginal" services.They are services which are a priority in the white community-not a priority for us. While Government departments tell and the mainstream media gleefully regurgitate that we need to take ownership of what whites see as our major problems,we cannot and should not take ownership without control,or control without capital equity. 
 The reality is that we don't have equity because these colonists came and stole it,and despite apologies and rhetoric refuse to offer meaningful compensation or give the resources back.If the Federal Government supported efforts of WA neocon Barnett are a fair example, in fact they fully intend to go right on stealing

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